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The Mayan Calendar Tzolkin - 20 nawales - Energy of the day - Find out your nawal : Calculator - PDF
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      It is important to note that those who know and practice daily the sacred mayan calendar Cholq'ij (Tzolkin) are the Ajq'ij, spiritual guides. In K'iche' language, the etymology of the term is :
      - AJ : prefix meaning trade, occupation;
      - Q'IJ : Sun / day.
      It can be translated as "daykeeper". The plural of Ajq'ij is Ajq'ijab' known as Mayan priests or spiritual guides.

      They are people, men and women, who practice the count of time (count of days) and guide the people.

      Their word, feeling, intuition, knowledge, experience and wisdom were grown/expanded in the oral tradition, their authority is only moral and lies in the recognition and acceptance of the community/society.

      After spending an accompanying process - generally long - in the Xukulem (ceremonies) with elders, they use the "Sut re jolomaj", a cloth covering the head, and the "Pas", a red belt that is worn to balance their energies during ceremonies, which distinguish them from other members of the community.

      The Sut represents the four corners of the universe and the four corners of the inner and outer world. The Pas is the serpent that symbolizes the thread of life and time, it is red as in mayan philosophical thought it represents the energy, clarity, strength and life.

      El Calendario Sagrado Maya - metodo para el computo de tiempo)

      We called Ajq'ij (Spiritual Guide), the person, man or woman, who assumes the task of harmonizing, balancing the human life in relationship with our Qachuch Qajaw, the Ancestors and Mother Earth Nature through personal, family and community guidance. The Ajq'ij knows perfectly, interprets and applies the Mayan calendar.

      Alvaro Ruplin Walburga (1995:28) says that “the Ajq'ijab' have their vara (stick of power; Tz'ite') which is considered as the Ajq'ijs spiritual partner. So being Spiritual Guide is a commitment and mutual care between the vara and the person.” He is the mediator between the social and cosmic energies. In tz'ite grains are included the Nawal, the potential of the Ajq'ij. However, the vara is not given automatically, it requires a training process, belief, conviction and observance of all principles/rules and attention to the Nawales energies and in ceremonial places.

      If the person does not comply with these precepts/requirements, it will be a hypocrite who deceives the community, and sooner or later, the energies of the Cosmos will give him his "Xik'ay." The term Xik'ay means branches of shrubs used by the parents to correct severely faults/negligence committed by their daughters and sons. The cosmic energies correct severely the liar/misleading ; then failures, pain and suffering occur, up to remain in the dark he had built himself.

      (Source: Calendario Maya CCAM 2013)

      The Ajq'ijab have an important role today; they retained the cosmovision of the Maya people, developing culture. They retrieved the sacred covering where are kept symbols of infinity, the memory of the Creators.

      The Ajq'ijab are the spiritual guides of the Mayan community, their role is to guide the community in all fields of life, both spiritual and material (political, economic, social and cultural). They keep the knowledge of Mayan science, which are unknown for ordinary people, as the meaning and domain of the different calendars and their impact on humans. Mayan spirituality has been transmitted from generation to generation.

      The Ajq'ij have many privileges that are not common to other people and that's why they are spiritual guide. They can have a direct relationship with positive energies, reject negative energies, regulate or establish the balance. The Ajq'ij will coordinate all the energies of man, nature and cosmos.

      Ajq'ij, is a true vocation that has much to do with his birthday according to the Mayan calendar, its special character is defined by the day he was born and the day he was conceived, and his regent symbol has something essential that a spiritual guide should have.

      They are the days counters, establishing schedules...

      Some Ajq'ijab have the ability to heal by their power of concentration, to attract positive energies and reject negative energies of a person by their own power.

      The medium is a person who can communicate with other disappeared beings, to receive guidance, for strength to do his work, or to perform a good deed or a cure, to serve the community.