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B’atz’ - Ee - Aj - I’x - Tz’ikin - Ajmaq - No’j - Tijax - Kawoq - Ajpu
Imox - Iq’ - Aq’ab’al - K’at - Kan - Kame - Kej - Q’anil - Toj - Tz’i’

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      Tz'ikin is The Q'uq cumach, the Snake adorned with feathers. Tz'ikin means bird. This is an intermediary day ; intermediary day in the labour, work, in the business, in the fields and agricultural work. It is a very sacred day and it appears in the prophecies of the Chortis. This prophecy says so : The Eagle hunted a snake in the sea and came to devour it on the land. The blood of the snake flew on the land and nourished it and that way, the farming could be saved.

      On the day of Tz'ikin, you will find material and spiritual wealth ; it is the most precious gift of the Heart of the Sky on the face of the Earth. The Tz'ikin is the day ordering your happiness. Look for the thread of your destiny ; do not wish what is not yours ; look for what is yours, accept it and be happy.
      Requests : When you start a business.


      Yucatan : Men

      Color : Black
      Orientation : West

      Bird, assets, wealth and fortune, production, strength, predominance of the air, messenger, human fertility.

      It symbolizes the day when the birds showed the place where the Sacred Corn would be found. For that reason, it is the day of the birds ; carriers of good luck. It is the day of the communication with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth, through the invocation of the notions, elements and energies : space, air, light, clouds, cold, heat of the nature (Q'uq'kumatz) which gives us and allow us life. It is the representation of all that exists in the space.
      It is the day dedicated to the Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth ; it symbolizes the good fortune, luck and material stability ; as well the consciousness and individual intelligence.
      It is the intermediary between the Creator and the human being. The vision brought by Tz'ikin is large ; itis the panoramic and sure vision of the eagle. It is the guardian Bird of all the lands of the Mayan area.

      It is the perfect day for love and to ask for individual and communitarian abundance. Celebrations and offerings which are carried out and given on a day Tz'ikin aim to improve the wealth, to ask for simplicity and gentleness. As well, it is a perfect day to ask for common projects, for the protection in businesses, for the couple, the friendships and to move away the birds prejudicial to the sowings, especially to the Corn.
      Intuition, visions and revelations in the dreams.

      The person born on a day Tz'ikin was conceived a day Kej and his/her destiny is ruled by Aq'ab'al. This person will be provided with all the required tools and elements for his/her spiritual and material life.
      Great communicator, its predictions are accurate.
      His/her life is splendid materially and spiritually. In love, it is a very lucky sign ; the person bearing this sign loves living his/her life very intensely.
      They create great expectations and can abandon it all in a minute, being the most changeable sign.
      The weakness of this sign is flattery.
      He/she only gets sick if he/she does not understand his/her role and mission. His/her bigger sickness is frustration and anger.
      The birds and other animals will respect his/her sowings.
      Skilled for trade and business...
      Can be led to too much ambition, envy, cheating...

      The Mayan Cross of the TZ’IKIN



      The person born on the day Tz'ikin is conceived on a day Kej and his/her destiny is ruled by Aq'ab'al. His/her extraordinary intuition will save him/her from many problems. By nature, this being is a free spirit and as well needy of freedom in general : the freedom of the birds and as a bird, he/she needs to feel free. They can be quickly excited or extremely disappointed by what draws his/her attention.

      The influence of Kej, at the conception, makes him/her vitally need and love nature ; they have a great ability, capacity of adaptation to any situation or place where they are meant to live.

      The Toj, at the right side, gives him/her a great sense of humanity and warmth of heart ; the contact with the fire is important for his/her harmony and balance.

      The Imox, at the left side, reveals an attraction and tendency to the "unexpected" ; also, this Imox influence, orientates his/her life towards mysticism, giving to him/her strength and ability of developing his/her senses and internal strength.

      The Aq'ab'al, as the energy of destiny, leads him/her to look for the answers in the past, as well as in all that is new and in technology. This sign will give to its bearer a youthful appearance.