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B’atz’ - Ee - Aj - I’x - Tz’ikin - Ajmaq - No’j - Tijax - Kawoq - Ajpu
Imox - Iq’ - Aq’ab’al - K’at - Kan - Kame - Kej - Q’anil - Toj - Tz’i’

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      Toj means paying. It is a special day to pay ; what do we pay ? We pay for all that we have, for what we are ; for all that the Ajaw (Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth) has given to us. How do we pay ? We pay with a ceremony.

      That day is also used to ask for being well paid for our work ; it is only if we are well paid that we can provide our family with what it needs and maintain it.

      Toj is the sacred fire. Toj is to thank, to reconcile ourselves with ourselves and others under the Ajaw ; also, it is a day to heal our pains and sufferings. It is as well a day to obtain what we need and to thank for life and all that it has given to us. If we feel we are failing, we have to understand we are responsible for our failures as our failures result from our lack of knowing how to look for and then find the thread or path of our destiny.

      Mayan ceremony

      Yucatan : Muluk

      Color : Red
      Orientation : East

      Illness, pain, offering to Mother Nature (to pay her back for our lacks of respect to her), pain, strength, energy, light

      It symbolizes the suffering that is generated by the sin. It is the appropriated day to give offerings ; also for the invocation to the Creator, to thank the Creation, for all that surrounds us. Toj is the payment and the balance of justice, love, communication, reunion.
      It is a warm sign and as well magnetic and sensitive. It is the day of payment to the Creation, to Mother Earth, to the Universe and to all the elements ; that day, we pay for the benefits and challenges presented in our life by the energy.
      Toj means as well Tojil, when the Balam gave their offerings towards the rising Sun, to thank the new dawn, the new beginning ; it is the sacred ceremonial fire.

      Toj is a day to thank and ask, through the offering, for the well application of justice ; to protect the life of persons easily subject to accidental deaths ; to be in communication with the Creator. That day, we offer for the prevention of illnesses, difficulties and for the liberation from any negative energy. We ask to pay for our past lives and for no obstacle to be put on our way.

      The person born on a day Toj was conceived on a day Imox and his/her destiny will be ruled by the day No'j. They lead an intense life and full of emotions. They are considered good spiritual guides, good defenders and mediators. They bring spiritual strength and light to the shelters, families and villages. They can become Ajq'ij (spiritual guides), or have to give their offerings, according to the spiritual guide’s advice .
      The communication with the fire is easy.
      This sign brings gifts and lots of energy which they have to know how to orientate and canalize. They have to pay for pending things ; for past lives which left them a negative outcome.
      They are respectful, creative, dynamic, sincere, imaginative, and balanced ; they show solidarity... They get the energy from the Father Sun.
      The illness can be generated by substances introduced in the body, by the influence of negative energies. Mentally unstable... To enjoy good health, they have to give offerings to the Creator every 20 days.

      The Mayan Cross of the TOJ



      The person born on a day Toj is conceived on a day Imox and his/her destiny is ruled by the day No'j. The bearers of this sign are given a special power to develop their internal strength ; they have to use this power for positive purposes and not orientate and waste it in negative things.

      The energy of their conception, Imox, brings them a good dose of sensitivity and excentricity ; it developps their intuition and revelations through their dreams. It gives them as well a good relation with water.

      The Aq'ab'al, on their right side, will make them look physically younger than their real age and it will as well give them a vanguard and futurist vision. They will be given lots of opportunities all through their life.

      The Tz'ikin, on their left side, gives them an extra energy which will make them appear restless and very powerful. They will enjoy a good social position and good fortune.

      The energy of their destiny, No'j (knowledge and wisdom) will make their life a marvellous and dignified experience.