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      Tijax is the obsidian stone, also called flint. It is the material that our ancestors used in order to carry out invisible operations.

      This day orders us, guides us and forbids us. There is a law which comes from our Ajaw, Heart of the Sky and Heart of the Earth : this law says that nobody has the right to withdraw life to his brothers and sisters, to his own blood, to people in general, to animals, to nobody and nothing, as we all are creatures of the Ajaw.

      Requests : on that day Tijax, we ask for protection from any kind of accidents and from unexpected death ; we ask to succeed all and equally.


      Yucatan : Etz'nab'

      Color : White
      Orientation : North

      Suffering, pain, sadness, double-edged knife, the power of the thunder, the lightening, and discrimination ; Tijax is no favourable day for the sowing.

      It is a special day as it is the memorial of the Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth ; it is the day of Creation and revelation of the cosmos.
      It is the nawal of the healers, doctors. It is the sigh of the strong, brave and courageous persons ; of the persons who collaborate, who are friendly and loving. It reflects flexibility in space and time.
      It is the cutting, the separation, the knife, the healing and harmonising in the four bodies. The Tijax brings the power of cutting, solving, bringing to Light all the mysteries. As well, this sign opens a road to other dimensions and realities.


      It is a day established to cut, finish and face any kind of problem ; to ask for being able to react well facing adversity and being maintained away from adversary reactions; the person bearing the energy of Tijax is very delicate and exigent.

      The knife of obsidian stone means strength, power of the warrior, the radical, the revelation through quick and varied images.
      The Obsidian stone is the mirror which reflects our soul.


      Tijax is a day of purification and balance of our actions. It is a day to ask for good health, to cut with the enemies and maintain them away (as enemies attract negative energies) ; it is an excellent day to ask for intelligence and memory.
      The ceremonies celebrated that day have the goal of protecting from evil and accidents; keeping them away and preventing them. It is a day to cure physical and mental illnesses; as well it is a day to protect domestic animals from illnesses. The spiritual guides born a day Tijax are the ones in charge of offering the Toj (the present to the Ajaw on the Mayans Altars).

      The person born on a day Tijax was conceived on a day Tz'i' and his/her destiny will be ruled by the day Kame (Keme). This person can become a great healer as he/she possesses lots of powers in his/her hands; also he/she can become an Ajq'ij (spiritual guide).
      They have the ability to talk in public ; the faculty of growing medicinal plants and bringing new medicinal treatments and remedies ; as well, they have the capacity of helping in the healing of people and animals. They collaborate easily.
      They interpret the signs of Sacred Ceremonies and the dreams as well ; they interpret the body language and its signs...
      Those persons are rational on the one hand and intuitive on the other hand. They are judicious and just, although they are radical and get easily upset.
      Because of his/her angry, irritable, grudge bearing temper, he/she easily fills him/herself in with regrets and selfishness. They tend to suffer accidents, illnesses and sudden, unexpected deaths. However, if the bearer of this sign knows his/her energy, he/she can get rid off the negative energies, consulting the wise persons.

      The Mayan Cross of the TIJAX

        EE TIJAX K’AT


      The person born on a day Tijax is conceived on a day Tz’i’ and his/her destiny is ruled by a day Kame. This energy makes him/her tangent ; his/her decisions can be impulsive. He/she has to help the persons with problems ; cut the illnesses and the negative energies.

      The energy of the Tz’i’, in its conception, gives him/her a good relationship with justice, being recognised as authority. They are just, but radical. They are led to extraordinary experiences in the spiritual field.

      The Ee, on its right side, gives him/her good luck, fortune and economical means for his/her life. Their life is full of travelling and changes of residence made impulsively.

      The energy of the K’at, on his/her left side, shows him/her a life full of experiences and changes. He/she has to meditate his/her actions in order not to be trapped into situations in which others solve their problems.

      The Kame, as the sign of destiny, protects him/her from accidents and bad deaths so he/she can reach his/her purpose of existence. Kame is the death, the sign of the ancestors and of security.