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      Q'anil is the day of the seed. It is the semen of the human being, of the animal, of the ones that live in the rivers, in the lakes and seas ; of the ones who fly ; it is the semen of all the animals. Q'anil is the seed of our food.

      That day is sacred, and on that day, we can ask for the life of our children ; for them to be good, healthy, intelligent and obedient ; for them to be humble under the Ajaw (Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth) ; for them to be the good seed of the future.

      Q'anil is a very special day for the pregnant women or the women who are thinking about pregnancy. On that day, we ask for the one to be born, to be a female or a male ; not to suffer any physical or mental problem.


      Yucatan : Lamat

      Color : Yellow
      Orientation : South

      Seed, food, sowings, germination, life, creation, love

      It is the symbol of the regeneration of the Earth, of the rebirth after the death, the exact same way as the growth of the sacred corn. It represents vitality, fertility of human beings, animals and plants. It is the day associated with plants and all the live beings which have seeds.
      It is the divine semen, the cosmic seed planted on this planet.
      It symbolizes the four colours of the corn (yellow, red, black and white).
      It is the fertility of human beings, plants and animals.

      The ceremonies which are celebrated on the day Q'anil are carried out to thank all that Mother Nature brings to us : plants, life, rain, our food. It is an appropriate day to thank for the sowings and the harvests ; to ask for children, animals to evolve in harmony ; also, it is a good day to overcome the difficulties that poverty causes. It is as well an appropriate day to reconquer or take back something that is believed lost, a lost love ; it is a day of understanding. It is the day of good beginning.
      - On the day Wajxaqib' Q'anil (8 Q'anil), day of the blessing, we can ask for good sowing, good harvest, as well for animals not to harm or damage our growings. It is an appropriate day to ask for our shyness to get away ; it is the day of the pregnant woman ; the day to ask for the renewal, rebirth of sterile lands.
      - The day Kab'lajuj Q'anil (12 Q'anil) is a good day to offer and ask from all our heart to the Creator for the well-being in life.

      The person born on a day Q'anil was conceived on a day Ajpu and his/her destiny will be ruled by a day Ajmaq.
      They are great farmers and cultivators of Mother Earth ; they can be Ajwaja, requesters of the food, the rain, the flower of life, the blow of life on the Earth.
      The Q'anil is a cyclic sign ; its energy gives them a life full of changes. They need to transmit their love and tenderness.
      They have spiritual strength within themselves. Their major challenge is believing in themselves.
      They bear the information of life ; creativity.
      They are good defenders of other people.
      All that they start will be successful, slowly but surely, it’s their major virtue.

      The Mayan Cross of the Q’ANIL

      IQ’ Q’ANIL I’X     


      The Ajpu on their conception gives them power ; a gift for service and help to others. They will overcome the challenges and obstacles on their way, and step by step, they will reach trust and confidence in themselves.

      The Iq', on their right side, makes them dreamers and of easy understanding ; they are sensitive and have a good imagination.

      On their left side, they are influenced by the energy of the I'x which brings them dignity and responsibility in all that they carry out ; also, it brings them the strength to end up with what is inconvenient to them. Their work will be recognised. They have to solve their own problems and to satisfy their own needs, before helping others.

      The energy of their destiny, Ajmaq is the one which the most influences in their future ; it generates changes in their life and gives to their life a direction towards spirituality. Ajmaq is “curiosity” and this energy impulses them to exploring unknown worlds.