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      No'j is a sacred Word ; it is the day of wisdom and knowledge. The ones born on that day are intelligent persons, of healthy memory and they are idealists. The capacity of their intelligence and what they know are the gifts and virtues, presents of the Ajaw. These gifts are the material required to work with their disciples, with their communities in order to, all together, live in harmony, without affecting anyone negatively, without being a prejudice to anyone, without harming anyone, those gifts from the Ajaw are the tools of action in clean and healthy consciousness.

      All that you have comes trough the Heart of the Sky and if those gifts and tools are used for good works, you will be appreciated and you will become the Light of your community and people. You have to work with all because all are your brothers and sisters. On the face of the Earth, we all need each other. Work with all and you will be the best guide and the best teacher in the social and spiritual development.


      Yucatan : Kab'an

      Color : Red
      Orientation : East

      Spirituality, wisdom, arts, intelligence, abilities, reason, rationality, positive thinking, logic, brain.

      “The wisdom, heart of spirituality, was the first request of the first grand-parents (ancestors) in order to understand the world and the universe. This request was granted by the Creator, expressing the wisdom in Mother Nature that rules it all.”

      N'oj is idea and wisdom, name of our thoughts, form or set mode of behaviour. It symbolizes the ambivalent moral strengths in the human mind. It is the energy which rules the mind, the knowledge, the good memory. It is synonym of creativity and good talent. It is the day of decisions taking and of advice.
      It is the connection of the spiritual Cosmic Mind with the human being mind. The ancestors used to meet up in council under the protection of the sign No'j in order to transform the knowledge and the experiences into wisdom and to actualize, adapt the receiving through and in the sciences.
      The nobility is the major virtue brought by the energy of the No'j, in particular patience, prudence, cautiousness and love from higher dimensions.
      Thanking for our knowledge transmitted to us by the creator. Meeting in councils in order to make plans.
      Wisdom, mental speed and smartness, synergy, synchronicity.

      The energy of the No'j influences overwhelmingly the spirit and the mind of its bearers. In order to well orientate and positively develop this gift, it is advised to consult the Wise Persons. The No'j is the perfect day to ask for clarity, clairvoyance in order to transform the knowledge and the experiences into wisdom.
      The ceremonies which are celebrated on that day are to request for good knowledge, good thoughts, good behaviour, and good memory ; also the energy of the No'j is excellent to unify ideas; to unify intentions, to guide society on the good ways and to ask for what we need in life.

      No'j constitutes one of the four Bearers of the Year, Bearers of Time.

      The person born on a day No'j was conceived a day Toj and his/her destiny will be ruled by a day Kan. He/She is a person with qualities of wisdom, intelligence and healing powers ; can become an Ajq'ij (spiritual guide).
      They find in the art their way of communicating and expressing what they can not transmit with words. In love, it is one of the most noble and persistent signs. They are idealistic people, dreamers : their biggest problem is getting back to reality.
      Their emotions are of sadness and fear. Sometimes their worries are very strong and they tend to chronic diseases because of worrying too much.
      Good administrator of the resources, no matter if individual or of others ; adviser, servant of the community, caring of elderly people and of children.

      The Mayan Cross of the NO’J

          B’ATZ’ NO’J AQ’AB’AL


      The person born on a day No'j is conceived on a day Toj and his/her destiny is ruled by Kan. It is the sign of the apprenticeship, with projection towards wisdom ; nobility and the extreme faith and trust are characteristics, values which print his/her life.

      The sign Toj, in the conception, shows emotional sufferings and pains, especially from the childhood. The sufferings or payments afflicted, have their origins and reasons there.

      The energy of B'atz', at his/her right side, gives him/her a special gift for arts, for medicine, for surgery and especially for ancestral medicine.

      The influence of Aq'ab'al, on its left side, generates lots of changes, mostly in the spiritual aspect of his/her life ; therefore it is important and essential for the person to focus his/her attention on a discipline, in order not to spread his/her energies. It is a sign of renewal and change. The best experience of life for that person is given to him/her through travelling.

      The Kan, as his/her sign of destiny, gives him/her lots of energy. It gives him/her romanticism and platonic loves.