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B’atz’ - Ee - Aj - I’x - Tz’ikin - Ajmaq - No’j - Tijax - Kawoq - Ajpu
Imox - Iq’ - Aq’ab’al - K’at - Kan - Kame - Kej - Q’anil - Toj - Tz’i’

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      Kej is the deer. Let's observe him with his four legs. This day is the symbol of the bearers of the four directions. Kej is the four pillars of the Sky and the Earth. This day is ordering us, compelling us to carry out good actions.

      The persons born on a day Kej have great responsibilities with their people, their community ; the responsibility of behaving well, of acting well, of acting analysing well everything, of being a good father or a good mother, of being a good teacher and of giving good teachings, of knowing to act with rightness. They have to know to give holy offerings to the Ajaw (Heart of the Earth, Heart of the Sky).


      When the invaders arrived with their horses, the indigenes gave them the name of deer, which was then used as a horse for his strength.

      Yucatan : Manik’

      Color : Black
      Orientation : West

      It means the deer, strength, authority, four cardinal points ; nawal of the sacred stick ; nawal of the human being and of the family.

      It symbolizes the day of the human being as main authority and guide of the village and community. It means the strength and the power which bears the destiny of humanity. It represents the four supports, the four pillars and the four cardinal points which were created from the begining to carry with strength and energy, the Earth, the Moon and the Stars.
      The deer is one of the bearers of the World. Let's refer to the 4 strengths of Mother Nature ; the elements which nourish life : the Sun, the Earth, the Air, the Water ; the 4 Balams.
      It is the sign in charge of the woods, forests and of Mother Nature ; of the balance between human beings and Mother Earth ; it is solidity and stability.
      It is all kinds of beings of four legs.
      It is the service with humility, the vision of what is coming ; it is a highly positive sign.

      Kej is an appropriate day to carry out ceremonies of initiation to become Ajq'ij (spiritual guide).
      The ceremonies which are celebrated are to ask for strength, to ask for gestation, healing and protection of people.
      - Wajxaqib' Kej (8 Kej), is the day of the commemoration of the dead people ; it is the day to thank our ancestors for all that we have inherited from them, for the possessions and especially for our spirituality. It is as well the day of commemoration of the ceremonies which have been carried out from the beginning of the world by our first ancestors, since nowadays.

      Kej constitutes one of the four Bearers of the Year, Bearers of Time.

      The person born on a day Kej was conceived on a day Kawoq and his/her destiny will be ruled by the day Tz'ikin. They can become Ajq'ij, depending on the guide consulted and on the number which accompanies the day.
      Their major virtue is the art ; they are great seekers of truth, good advisers. They possess a very developed intuition, which can serve them to avoid many problems in their life. They know very well how to dissimulate their character. They should know how to balance the theory and the practice in order to reach balance and harmony in their life. They are protected by the four elements ; they might fall, but they get up every time.
      Their health is good ; they are very strong and they can stand almost everything. However, if they harm with their power, they will become weak and get ill.
      In external appearance, they are quiet and inside, they are very compulsive persons. They can cause evil through their thoughts.

      The Mayan Cross of the KEJ

      IMOX KEJ AJ     


      The person born on a day Kej is conceived on a day Kawoq and his/her destiny is ruled by a day Tz'ikin. The persons born under that sign have to pay attention to the harmony, the art, the beauty, otherwise with difficulty they will find happiness. For their evolution, they need to be in contact with Mother Nature.

      The energy of their conception, Kawoq, brings them opportunities and abundance if they know how to conserve it, how to have it evolve and not waste it. They need the protection and the security of their shelter.

      The energy of the Imox, on their right side, orientates their life towards the art and seek for beauty and harmony, and it makes them more flexible in life. This sign makes them do unusual things. They can easily develop their intuition.

      The Aj, on their left side, gives them good luck and fortune ; it brings them lots of opportunities, contacts and relationships abroad and with foreign people ; it is in foreign countries that they will find spiritual development. They will be recognised as authority.

      The energy of their destiny, Tz'ikin, is the strength which gives them true luck, fortune and protection ; and which will make them distinguish themselves all through their life.