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      K’at is the web, the knots, complications and challenges in our life generated because of our ignorance. Sometimes, out of being avaricious to wish to have more than others, to wish to have it all, at the least expected, we realise that we are slaves and we get trapped by ourselves. But why ?

      To forget our culture, we want to be the owners of all. Here on this Earth, we are pilgrims just wandering ; the Earth does not belong to anyone and belongs to all at the same time ; our Mother the Earth is the harmonious companion of our Father the Universe and together they fusioned, created and gave birth to life that they raise together here.

      K'at is a very sacred and divine day. This day is used to undo all the knots of life, to overcome all the issues and challenges on our way, to solve problems and failures and to heal illnesses as well, to keep away poverty, craziness and all sorts of problems caused by misunderstanding.


      Yucatan : K’an

      Color : Yellow
      Orientation : South

      Fire, web, oppression, capture, centre of the existence, continuity of life, loss of freedom.

      It symbolizes the energy, the strength and the warmth in our hearts, from our first parents and this is what made their words transcend, their prayers and invocations for the world to be formed with beauty and harmony. It is the day to pay to our ancestors. As well it symbolizes the problems which ourselves we generate or that our destiny puts on our way for our apprenticeship, growth and right evolution.
      This day means the web, fecundity, tenderness, renewal, generic principle and wisdom. K'at is an appropriate day to solve a complicated matter, to make friends, to form the union in a group, a society and to ask for the unity in the whole community.
      It is as well the web, the knots and the problems which stuck us.
      It is the web which serves to catch the fishes and to keep the corn, symbol of abundance.
      K'at is as well this web which allows remembering, storing in our brain and mind, all that has been and is learnt.

      The divine and sacred fire is a crucial part in the celebration of the ceremony ; it is the element that elevates our prayers to the Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth, which is like the web that unifies and helps get liberated from oppression, harm and evil between people.
      On the day K'at, we ask for the physical and mental well development of children ; also we ask for the unity of the community, for the fecundity of women, for the withdrawal of the harming and evil energies, for the undoing of the knots which attach us to vices, for solving emotional problems.

      Small lizard (Lagartija)

      The person born on a day K'at was conceived on a day Ajmaq and his/her destiny will be ruled by a day Ee. It is a person with fire in his/her hands and heart. They have to offer that day in order to eliminate, erase all negative influence and this way reach fulfilment in material life and spiritual harmony. They need lots of help from the Ajq'ij (spiritual guide) and have the ability to become Ajq'ij.
      They reach doing what they need or want if they know how to control and manage their emotions. They are advised not to interfere too much and in a way aim to govern others, the family.
      They are not really stable ; emotionally, they do not know what they want. Those troubles and changes lead them to lots of states of sickness. The lack of freedom and the lockup makes them ill of sadness and anxiety.

      The Mayan Cross of the K’AT

      TIJAX K’AT TZ’I’  


      The person born on a day K'at is conceived a day Ajmaq and his/her destiny is ruled by Ee. This sign gives to the person bearing it, a life full of challenges. Because of his/her past lives, he/she has a negative outcome which he/she will have to clean, through social labour mostly.

      The energy of their conception, Ajmaq, makes them very curious persons. This alliance Ajmaq (curiosity)/K'at (web) has a negative incidence on them because it gives them a tendency to get trapped into problems.

      The Tijax, on their right side, gives them a power which if not taken care of, will become uncontrollable. If they learn to control this power, they will be very appreciated persons and looked for by whoever needs help. It is the energy which liberates from the problems in which they get involved ; the Tijax cuts the web. It can cut, heal illnesses.

      The energy of the Tz'i', on their left side, indicates the law. Therefore, they are usually recognized and respected persons for their authority ; they tend however to be too authoritarian sometimes. It is essential to remember that we can't impose to others as everybody learns by themselves.

      The energy of their destiny, Ee, brings them success and the best in their life. Travelling and love relationships abroad.