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      Kan is the "Sovereign Plumed Serpent".
      The Quetzal Coatl, the Kukulkan, Tepeu, Quq Kumatz. There is a divine law that our ancestors reached discovering ; just divinely they could understand how the Kan is. In the texts regarding the Creation, we see who is Tepeu : Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth, Heart of the Air, Heart of the Water. Let's analyse this concept, starting with the Water.

      Let's see how the river runs ; let's observe well its journey, from where we are until it gets out of our sight. The river evolves the same way as the snake.

      Let's look at the sky now. In the summers in determined occasions, the air forms great swirls ; this is a snake with his head and eyes looking up and his tale pointing down.  Also he is in the clouds ; in the clouds great showers get formed and there is the Hun Rakan or "Hurricane" in English. There, is also found the "Sovereign Cosmic Plumed Serpent", with his Cosmic feathers which are the clouds. between the clouds runs the Great Snake.

      The one born on a day Kan is strong, intelligent, pleasant, tireless ; he overcomes any situation and he can become a good defender or a great authority, although he is contradicted too. He is conservative and endowed with a balanced mind ; he is sweet and tender.


      Yucatan : Chikchan

      Color : Red
      Orientation : East

      Respect, wisdom, cycle of time, authority, justice, truth.

      It symbolises the force of the universe, the warmth of the Kan, the Q'uq'kumatz which appeared in the horizon and who rising up, could allow the connection of the Earth with the sky, manifesting this way the existence of the Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth.
      Kan is the movement, Creator of the universe, human evolution, spiritual development, justice, truth, intelligence and peace. Kan is the sign of wealth which multiplies the good things. It symbolizes agility too, wisdom of the elderly ones, integration, reunion. It represents sincerity, balance, power and authority.
      It is a strong day. It is the energy of the fire which finds its root and base in the spine. It is the energy of the knowledge, the transmutation to wisdom, the strength and power of the snake, the sexual magic.

      Kan is a good day to ask to the Creator to provide us with good thoughts and good ideas. The ceremonies which are celebrated that day are to ask for justice, wisdom, strength, equality and for the balance in Mother Nature.
      It is a good day to ask for the return of the beloved one, for the reconciliation, to ask for the couple.


      The person born on a day Kan was conceived on a day No'j and his/her destiny will be ruled by a day Aj. If he/she follows a formation to become Ajq'ij, he/she is called to be “authority”.
      They practice justice and sincerity ; they influence in the good and the evil. They have the spirit of sacrifice for others, although they need the recognition of what they carry out.
      Their health is strength and truth, although strong emotions generate pain and suffering. They hardly get ill if they don't get upset and angry.
      They are wise, sincere, intelligent, intuitive, aware and knowledgeable ; they have a good memory, are loyal in any circumstance ; precautious persons. They are lucky in love.
      They can be opportunists and betrayers. They depend on others ; they criticise all and wish to manage people's life.

      The Mayan Cross of the KAN



      The person born on a day Kan is conceived on a day No'j and his/her destiny is ruled by a day Aj. The sign of the Kan is one of the most respected signs. They are noble beings, although they have to pay attention to their pride, as their pride is their weakness.

      The energy of their conception, No'j, gives them nobility, idealism and intelligence. The knowledge and the thirst for apprenticeship and experience is their major challenge ; they need to put them into practice in order to reach this wisdom that they crave for.

      The Kawoq, on their right side, gives them a very enriching family life, but it can generate a co-dependency. They need to overcome it to be able to fly by themselves.

      The B'atz', as the energy of their left side, allows them to be recognised as authority. They can be good advisers in the intellectual, psychic and spiritual fields.

      The energy of their destiny, Aj, gives them a very special relationship with Mother Earth. Being older, they reach their true power and knowledge.