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      Kame is the day of the dead people. It is the day of the communication of the dead people with the live people and it is as well when the living beings can communicate with the dead ones.

      It is the day of the reincarnation of the dead ones among the live ones. Our ancestors went for a rest ; now, they are coming back to go on their mission on the Earth. Do not look for death and never wish to anybody a bad death.

      This day of the Kame, we ask to be given knowledge, great wisdom from the ancestors. Our mission is given to us by the Ajaw ; our actions, impurities, all the good and evil that we do, the Ajaw knows it all about and sees it all.


      Yucatan : Kimi

      Color : White
      Orientation : North

      Day of the dead people, happiness, serenity, death, rebirth, good attitude

      “Serenity and joy reigned in the hearts of the grand-parents (ancestors) after having known the justice of the Kan on the Earth and they claimed : we go now rest, we now go to the Kame and there all that has been done, for the life of the children, of our children, shall continue !”
      It is the symbol of the final dissolution of all good and bad things, of death. Kame, most important day among all the others, to pardon and ask for pardon for all the evil actions committed. It represents the beginning, the harmony, the vision, the smartness and intelligence. It develops the energy of the night to give light to another day ; it symbolizes the rebirth to a new life after the death.
      Kame is the energy which advises us and protects us during all our existence through our ancestors. It forecasts the good and the evil. In the dimension of the dead people, there is no competition, no ambition, no sufferings and it is where we find the true peace and harmony.
      It means the dying and the being born, the further dimension ; the big change.

      The ceremonies celebrated on a day Kame are to ask for the rest of the dead people and to ask them for strength in order for them to be our spiritual guides and for them to accompany us during our journey of life on the face of the Earth, avoiding all danger, sickness and illness. It is an appropriate day to ask for strength and good memory for the success of our goals and projects. This day, the communication with superior beings is opened and the access to the dimensional doors is allowed.

      Tecolote (Owl)

      The person born on a day Kame was conceived on a day Tijax and his/her destiny will be ruled by the day I'x. They are very patient persons, good character, good attitude ; there does not exist any difficult day for them. They are meant to become Ajq'ij (spiritual guides).
      Always, they have to be in harmony with their day because they have the tendency to accidental death. They shall not express fear to death and this will help them.
      Obscurity, manifestation of the unknown, gives them the power to solve mysteries.
      They are bearing a deep suffering which comes from past lives.
      They can withdraw the strength of people, as well as they can increase their strength.
      They prophesize the good and the evil ; clairvoyant and intuitive ; they are protected by people who, simply because of knowing them, help them. They will have a great magnetism.
      Strong, persistent, respectful, ability to work and the arts.
      They tend to loose energy. They can commit mortal acts against other persons.

      The Mayan Cross of the KAME

      AJPU KAME EE     


      The person born on a day Kame is conceived on a day Tijax and his/her destiny is ruled by a day I'x. The sign Kame brings to its bearers an everlasting source of protection. It prepares the way to their future reincarnation, although they are not conscious of it.

      The energy of their conception, Tijax, protects them, will allow them to withdraw from any situation or person bringing them problems. It is the knife of two sides which cuts the veil of mysteries.

      The Ajpu, on their right side, presents them challenges all through their life, which they always overcome.

      The energy of the Ee, at their left side, gives them a good protection to develop their projects and it makes them be spiritual authorities.

      The energy of their destiny, I'x, will give them an intense life, full of ups and downs, although always they will be recognised as "authority".