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B’atz’ - Ee - Aj - I’x - Tz’ikin - Ajmaq - No’j - Tijax - Kawoq - Ajpu
Imox - Iq’ - Aq’ab’al - K’at - Kan - Kame - Kej - Q’anil - Toj - Tz’i’

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      I'x is the day of Mother Earth ; I'x is the woman.
      I'x symbolizes our mother, our woman, the mother of our children. Our mother Earth is like a beautiful woman, gorgeous ; in her the rivers, lakes, mountains are born. From her comes our food. The Earth is our mother and she deserves respect, love, worshipping. On the Earth, there is happiness.

      6 I'x is the day of the Earth, the place where a being is born, where a being lives and where his/her family lives.
      8 I'x is the day of the whole Earth, all through the length and width of the planet, inclusive of all the live beings that inhabit the planet : animals and plants ; volcanoes and mountains ; rivers, lakes and seas.

      The ones who are born on a day I'x are intelligent and if they fight without being idle and lazy, they can reach a good future. If they are pleasant and humble, they can reconnect to their virtues.


      Yucatan : Ix

      Color : White
      Orientation : North

      Mountains, plains, jaguar (strength and vigour), vitality, feminine energy

      It is the symbol of the creative forces of the universe, of the memorial of the World. It is the day when the Waters got separated from the mountains, from the plains and from the places occupied by human beings and all the animals of the Earth.
      It represents the Mayan Altar, sacred places ; it is the day of the mountains, summits and plains. It is the day of the High Magic : this energy develops the superior Powers, intermediary between the real and the unreal...
      The flexibility of the feline, the feminine part. Day of the Jaguar, the four B'alam.

      The ceremonies carried out on that day are to ask for pardon and forgiveness for the exploitation done to Mother Earth and its nature. It is a day to ask for protection against any kind of negative energy. It is an appropriate and favourable day to thank the work of women. It is a special day to ask for the good life of wild and domesticated animals. It is the appropriate day to ask for good crop and wisdom.

      - Wajxaqib' I'x (8 I'x) is the day to thank, the way our first grand-parents did it from the beginning of the world ; it is the day to thank for our shelter, for the Earth that has been acquired, by heritage or by purchase.

      The person born on a day I'x was conceived a day Kame (Keme) and its destiny is ruled by a day Iq'. The persons born that day are strong and vigorous. If they do not act to receive protection under that day, instead of becoming builders and edifiers, they become angry and tend to act wrongly. The feminine energy empowers the development of the magic powers. It makes the woman very feminine because of the total feline energy of the sign.
      Its health is determined by its relation to the Earth, its material life and by its strong character, angry, irritating.

      Positive characteristics
      The intelligence, the smartness, the courage, the taking of sure decisions ; practical persons, generous, patient, strong and vigorous.

      Negative characteristics
      Easily angry, arrogant, looks for problems, proud and vain. Tends to envy, ambition, pride, vanity, ingratitude, ignorance and crime (the seven shames or Wuqu' Qak'ix).

      The Mayan Cross of the I'X

      Q’ANIL I'X AJPU    


      The person born a day I'x is conceived a day Kame and its destiny is ruled by Iq'. It is a sign of great mystics, powerful magicians ; the first parents of the current humanity rule this sign. This person is an inborn hunter ; always attentive and trying to avoid danger.

      The Kame, at the conception, will make the person of this sign feel a special attraction towards the old, antique and this sign allows a successful internal quest. Extraordinary intuition.

      The Q'anil, on its right side, directs him/her to be a great sower ; all that he/she will send will generate fruits.

      With the energy of Ajpu, on its left side, he/she will overcome the challenges, especially the spiritual ones and this will give him/her certainty, security and strength to reach his/her goals. The person needs her achievements to be recognised.

      The Iq', as a sign of destiny, nourishes his/her imagination and thoughts giving him/her a special intelligence.