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      Iq’ is the lightening and the storms. It is the day of the Spirit of the Air. The Heart of the Sky gave the Air, nutrition for life, to all the living beings.

      The air nourishes our organism. The air is the element which makes our body function ; it is this element which gives us the motion. Thanks to the air, we speak, think, walk, see and hear. Thanks to the Air, the Earth rotates ; the waters flow and are in motion, the waves of the sea dance ; thanks to the air, the leaves of the trees move. Thanks to the air, the clouds can travel in the sky and the rivers can run. The Air is the gift that the Ajaw gave to us and it is a gift with no purchasing price. The Air is life for all the beings we are, all inhabiting the Earth.


      Yucatan : Ik’

      Color : White
      Orientation : North

      World, nature, altars, air, breath of life

      It is the symbol of memorial of the end of the creation of the original world ready for all the living beings to inhabit it ; creation in which the Sky contributed largely. It is the day of the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth.
      Iq' is the spiritual and mystical breath ; the vital principle ; the inspiration, ideas and actions. It is the essence of the existence of all living being. It is the day of the altars, of the air which is the sacred blow that gives us strength and fills us in with life.
      The wind is the element which rules the ideas and the changes, it is the cleaning and the purity of the crystal ; it is the invisible space which exists between the material substances in our bodies ; it is the window of the Mayan temples.
      It is the destructive strengths of mankind and Mother Nature ; it is respiration and imagination.
      The wind is the inspiration and wisdom which comes from the highest source.


      The ceremonies celebrated that day aim to thank the Sacred Mother Nature and the whole masterpiece of the Creator (Ajaw) for all that exists. During those ceremonies, we ask Mother Nature and Ajaw for the wind to take away with him all the sufferings, illnesses and all kinds of existing evil.
      That day, we can heal the persons suffering from psychological traumas ; we can have passions, hates and depressions blown away for a clear tomorrow. As well, the day Iq' is appropriate to ask for protection in general and to obtain the growth of our universal spirit.

      Iq' constitutes one of the four Bearers of the Year, Bearers of Time.

      The person born on a day Iq' was conceived on a day I'x and his/her destiny is ruled by the day Tz'i'. They venerate the world, nature and the infinite space. They will walk for a long time on the blessed face of the Earth, in the mountains and valleys. They will be the messengers from the Creator (Ajaw). They are meant to become Ajq'ij (spiritual guides).
      The Iq' brings an impulsive, stormy and changeable strength which gives them lots of imagination, so much that sometimes they believe that what they imagine, is actually real. They are full of life, imagination, physical strength, dreamers, they carry out very pure actions and have a vanguard vision.
      They are very influenced by the energy of the Moon.
      They tend to become ill because of their too passionate side. They easily get emotionally affected and overwhelmed and when they are ill, they discharge their anger on their illness.

      The Mayan Cross of the IQ’



      The person born on a day Iq’ is conceived on a day I’x and his/her destiny is ruled by the day Tz’i’. The sign Iq’ is the most sensitive and the most analytical of all the signs.

      The energy of their conception, I'x offers to them understanding and harmony with the opposite sex. They have a great instinct of protection and attack, similar to the one of the felines.

      The energy of Ajmaq, on their right side, gives them a great sense of curiosity, which, if well used, can lead them to discover or invent lots of things. They possess a great energy of healing strength in their right hand.

      On their left side appears the energy of Q'anil, which gives them a special sensitivity, sensibility and ability for the arts, which are their best form of expression. Their spiritual growth depends on their harmony with Mother Earth.

      In the future, they will be accompanied by the energy of the sign of the law : Tz'i' ; only that at their pace, they build their own law.