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B’atz’ - Ee - Aj - I’x - Tz’ikin - Ajmaq - No’j - Tijax - Kawoq - Ajpu
Imox - Iq’ - Aq’ab’al - K’at - Kan - Kame - Kej - Q’anil - Toj - Tz’i’

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      Ee is the day of Destiny. The Ee guides us on the right way in order to accomplish our mission, the one for which we were born, such as being a good teacher, a good leader. The one born that day has the vocation of Ajq’ij (spiritual guide). He is a great friend, someone who helps and guides with good examples in the material, as well as in the spiritual. He has a good temper, is friendly and respectful.

      This day shows you, compels you to be polite with the people who surround you and with people in general and not envy them. You have to love and know how to respect the elderly people, the teachers and the authority. You have to be the best child among the family.

      If you arm someone, you are armed. This day is ordering you not to kill, not to steal, not to insult, not to cheat. All the good and bad actions you carry out will remain on your way. If you act well, you will be welcomed. Be respectful and you will be respected. You have to be "The" example for all and you have to respect the two laws of the Universe - the Divine Law and the Natural Law of mankind - those are the two laws which rule on the face of the Earth. You'll live a long life.
      Requests : This day is good to ask for work.

      Mountain cat

      Yucatan : Eb'

      Color : Yellow
      Orientation : South

      Way, destiny, authority, food, travels

      It is the Symbol of the way, of destiny, of Birth ; symbol of the way which leads us to a set point. It is the way which leads us towards our goals and our destiny. It is the day of the development of life, of the history which started in B'atz' and ended in Q'anil or in Tz'i'. Q'anil is blessing and Tz'i' is signal of separation. Ee is the strength, the potential and the energy for the beginning of a labour, a trip, a journey. It is the Day of the fire in the shelter, of the plants, of the stars, of the sky. It is the Day of the personality and the material goods. It is the guide and protector of the traders.
      It is the sacred path, the White Path.

      This day, requests for good food, for protection of the sowings, for physical and mental well being are asked ; also, that day we thank for existing occupations and for the word of authority.
      - Wajxaqib' Ee (8 Ee) : day of memorial of life and fortune of each person.

      Ee constitutes one of the four Bearers of the Year, Bearer of the Time because of its close relationship with nature.

      The person born on the day Ee was conceived on a day K'at, its destiny is ruled by Ajpu. The person can get a formation to become an Ajwaja’, guide and mediator of the abundance and daily supplying.
      The Health of that person is excellent, long life although he tends to attract dangers and accidents. Emotionally, he/she is a balanced person with possibilities of serving as a midwife or as a spiritual guide.
      They are good diplomats, skilled in the art of conversation. They need motion, action and travelling : they accumulate wealth and loose it.
      This person shares its experience, shows the right way to other people ; leads the destiny of a people or a community. Brings affection and tenderness to the people who surround him/her.
      Uncertain and insecure and not able to quickly take decisions.

      The Mayan Cross of the EE



      The person born on a day Ee is conceived on a day K'at and its destiny is ruled by Ajpu. This person will be an excellent trader and intermediary.

      The K’at, as a sign of conception, is responsible for the challenges presented to him/her by life.

      The Kame, on its right side, reveals an old soul with tendency to look back in the past and the ancestral and to be inspired by the past and at the ancestral. He/She will be respected as an elderly person. This energy protects him/her from death in accidents and illnesses. Good communication with its ancestors and with other dimensions.

      The Tijax, on its left side, protects this person from the betrayers and indicates him/her when to retire from a negative situation. The Tijax benefits this person, not only at a material level, but also at a spiritual level. Impulsive decisions can be taken.

      The energy of the destiny, Ajpu, gives him/her security and stability ; it helps him/her reach its purposes and overcome the obstacles and challenges presented to him/her by life.