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B’atz’ - Ee - Aj - I’x - Tz’ikin - Ajmaq - No’j - Tijax - Kawoq - Ajpu
Imox - Iq’ - Aq’ab’al - K’at - Kan - Kame - Kej - Q’anil - Toj - Tz’i’

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      Ajpu is the day of the Sun. It is the day of Hun Hunahpu and Wukub Hunahpu and the twin magicians Hun Ajpu and Ixbalamque. It is a special day for all the craftspeople, musicians, dancers, painters, carvers, sculptors, polishers and for all the people who practice the arts.

      When the Light of the Sun illuminates us, its rays make us awake the mind and they lead us on a way of obedience. The feet and the hands are our tools, means to help others, the needy ones. You will serve without conditions and this way, you will triumph above all. Through serving all, you are opening a breach for your future ; for the Light to never put out on your way. This Light is your shelter.  Be obedient and humble and you will be the example among all.


      Yucatan : Ajaw / Ahau

      Color : Yellow
      Orientation : South

      Sun, unity, shelter, production, spirituality, vision, Light, energy of the Sun on the nature, the good and the evil. Blow pipe shooter, hunter, everlasting walker.

      It is the symbol of the punishing power of our ancestors still present in energy and watching over their property, home, and shelter.
      It represents the musicians, artists, observers, communicators and writers.
      It is the day created by the progenitors in order to serve as a balance between the good and the evil, but according to their teachings, we can affirm that the good always triumphs upon the evil. The notions of the good and the evil have been given to us in order to help us measure, evaluate and be driven in our path of life on the blessed face of the Earth ; they have been given to us to help us measure and evaluate our behaviours and our attitudes and as well to help us be certain that always, we are asked to defeat the evil thanks to our goodness.
      It is the triumph upon the negative energies, the spiritual warrior. The twins Jun Ajpu and Ixbalamke defeat all the challenges and obstacles in Xibalba, the underworld ; they die and resurrect ; allegory of the spiritual awakening.
      This sign bears material and spiritual certainty ; it is the transformation and mutation ; the one who carries out miracles. It is the Sun ; the solar representation ; the day of Greatness and Strength of Life. It is the intervention of the ancestors responding to the requests asked for during a ceremony. It is the physical strength ; the strength to go on living after death.

      It is the day to ask for wisdom to the Creator in order to understand the knowledge of the elders, more experienced and wiser people than us. It is the day to receive divine and natural messages, to ask for the maternal milk, to ask for the healing of illnesses ; to ask for helping children improve their oral communication ability and as well to ask for strength for the weak ones.
      The ceremonies carried out on a day Ajpu have to be as strong as the Sun in order for the evil, the illnesses, the calumnies to be pushed away the more harmonious way possible. It is the day which gives strength, courage and energy to overcome the obstacles.

      The person born on a day Ajpu was conceived on a day Ee and his destiny will be ruled by the day Q'anil. They have the mission of orientating, guiding humanity, of giving the real spiritual Light, and not their idea of the Truth. The ego is their major obstacle on their spiritual path.
      Their health is complete ; of a great physical strength and for that reason they don't tend to easily get ill.
      This person will be protected by a higher force, but if he/she does not become aware of this force, he/she will probably be a prejudicial element for the society : someone who divides and misleads ideas. He/she has a deep, profound vision which goes beyond the shallow and superficial.
      * They avoid responsibilities and don't accept corrections

      The Mayan Cross of the AJPU

          I’X AJPU KAME


      The sign Ee, in the conception, will generate lots of travelling in their life and per period, they will live abroad. This energy encourages the love stories with foreign people.

      The energy of the I'x, on the right side, gives them the power of being good intermediaries ; it is the energy which gives them artistic talents. To men, the knowledge of women is given. To women, femininity, sensuality and smartness are given.

      The Kame, on the left side, protects the life of those born on a day Ajpu. It gives them a great curiosity, courage and adventurous spirit.

      The energy of destiny, Q'anil, makes them sowers ; their mission being showing the way and sowing the seed, without necessarily seeing the fruits of their actions.