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      The Ajmaq is a day of reconciliation. It is a great day because in our world, in our way of living, we make many mistakes. That day is special to guide us towards carrying out good actions and avoid doing evil : it teaches us not to look for problems with our brothers and sisters. This day orders us to act well and in goodness, to be an example for others ; not to stain our destiny. Act well and in goodness and you will harvest wellness, goodness, harmony.

      You have to show respect to every human being the same way : the talls, the smalls, men, women, elderly people, parents, children, teachers and authorities ; they all deserve respect.

      If you sow evil, you will harvest evil. With the same intensity that you act, you will collect the fruits of your actions. If you kill with iron, you will be killed with iron ; if you kill shooting, you will be shot dead. If you cheat people, you too will be cheated by people. What you give is what you get, so do good, be an example and always you will be blessed.


      Yucatan : Kib'

      Color : Yellow
      Orientation : South

      Day of the grand-parents/ancestors, of forgiveness, of the passed away, of the strength

      It is the Symbolic day of the moral strengths ; it is the memorial of our passed away grand-parents. Ajmaq is the forgiveness and the sin. It symbolizes as well the day of each past ; of the past which started with our first grand-parents/ancestors from the beginning of the World. The deceased people represent the memorial of the past that guide the present and help for the improvement of what will come in the future. Ajmaq is consciousness, ancestral wisdom, sagacity, caution, balance, talent, cosmic strength.
      For the grand-parents/elders, the greatest mistake and irresponsibility is the non service to the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. In the classic Mayan World, Ajmaq was the day when people asked for forgiveness to Mother Earth for all the mistreatments and abuses generated on her by people ; as well, it was the day when people thanked Mother Earth for the benefits provided by her, in order to be in Harmony with her.
      Ajmaq is the day when we think of the pardon ; when we call the ancestors to offer them holy presents, as well to tell them our story : Ajmaq is a day of profound, deep thoughts.
      This Day, the ancestors interfere in people's lives, checking and watching over their behaviours to make them the most peaceful and just possible.
      This day symbolizes the Divine Grace which comes from the pardon.

      On that day, we ask for the peaceful rest of the passed away and their role of intermediaries for the offenses and sins committed, not to happen again.
      Ajmaq is the most appropriate day to forgive and be forgiven. It is the day to cure all types of illnesses ; it is the day when the family problems can be solved ; a day to ask for material and spiritual strength. As well, Ajmaq is the day of Harmony with Mother Earth.
      - On the Jun Ajmaq (1 Ajmaq), ceremonies are carried out to thank for the sons and daughters that we have ; we ask for their health and long life.


      The person born on a day Ajmaq was conceived a day Q'anil and his/her future is ruled by a day K'at. He/she is the follower of the first ancestors, but if the person born on that day is not aware of its energy and does not follow what is asked to follow on that day, he/she can be prejudiced by his/her evil aspects and sins. The person born on that day Ajmaq, is meant to become an Ajq'ij (spiritual guide). This person goes slowly through life and reaches his/her goals. It possesses this duality of the curiosity and prudence, cautiousness. Its biggest challenge is accepting the lacks and mistakes of others.
      The Health of this person is led by self destructive processes, by his/her irresponsibility and his/her easily irritable and tending to confrontations character.
      Tendency to blame other people for their mistakes.

      The Mayan Cross of the AJMAQ

      TZ’I’ AJMAQ IQ’


      The person bor non a day Ajmaq is conceived a day Q'anil and his/her destiny is ruled by a day K'at. Good dose of curiosity. Its dilemma is not loosing himself/herself between the illusion of the material World and the connection and awakening of his/her Spirit and internal Light.

      The Q'anil, as the sign of conception, gives the seeds which will develop a slow project, but a sure project in any of the aspects of his/her life.

      The energy of the Tz'i', on its right side, shows a tendency to follow, obey, and worship the material law. Its right hand has the power and authority to cure any illness of organic origin.

      The energy of the Iq' on its left side, impulses him/her towards mysteries and spirituality, creating an expansive mind and a universal consciousness.

      The K'at, as its energy of destiny, puts him/her the challenges and the knots. The task is to learn from all those knots and strong experiences put by life and undo the knots, correct the mistakes and overcome all the challenges. The curiosity of Ajmaq and the web of the K'at are an alliance which is difficult to control.