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      AJ is the cane, the cane plantation. Aj is the Rod or sacred wrapper, the stick of power. In the Mayan language, it is called the A'j Chamiy'll.

      The one who is born that day will be a good adviser ; he is a trustful person who shares his knowledge with all with no exception. He is pleasant and friendly with all and knows how to seduce and conquer.

      The A'j chamiy'll is the great grand-father. From his lips flow words of encouragement and consolation, poetical words harvested in the fields ; it is as if he would cut a flower from the field and plant it in his garden ; the flowers being the metaphor of human beings. This is what our grand-mothers used to say : “Ali, Ala 'ix kotz'I'j, at Xakche" : youngsters, you are the flowers, you are our children ; we are the leaves, and from the leaves, a beautiful flower is born”. Teach to your children to talk with appreciation, with respect and with love.


      Yucatan : B'en

      Color : Red
      Orientation : East

      Corn, sowings, domesticated animals, children, shelter, family, abundance, spine as pillar.

      It symbolizes all that is related to the shelter and the family. It is a symbol for the sowing of the cane which Jun Ajpu and Ixb'alankej made in the courtyard of the house of the grand-mother Ixmukane. It symbolizes the victory of life upon death. Aj symbolizes the victory upon all kinds of evilness, and it is as well a symbol for resurrection.  It is the day of renewal, purification, rebirth, steadiness ; it represents the origin, the profession or work, the constant blossoming of the existence and its development for the reaching of the bliss of life.
      The name of Aj was given to this day as a symbol for the necessity of the first grand-parents for food, for the supplying of food ; it is the day when the sacred corn and the animals were domesticated.
      It represents the spine, the internal fire which moves and activates the secret powers. It is the spine and the link between the Earth and the Sky. It is the return to the shelter as the place of origin. It personifies integrity, honesty and rightness.
      It represents the cane plantation, the abundance, the unity, the power, the seven virtues (fire, water, air, land, heart of the Sky, heart of the Earth and the center) of the divine power, the clairvoyance, the sacred words, the love towards Humanity, the telepathy, the corporal language and signs, the unexpected dreams.
      It symbolizes the power of the cane which gets flourishes again.

      Aj is the Day of protection of life ; it is the Day when we thank for the destiny of everyone. It is a day to help the twins and to ask for the non destruction, survival and life of Humanity.
      - Wajxaqib' Aj (8 Aj) : day of celebration of ceremonies to ask for the protection of the new born babies and of the adults.


      The person born on a day Aj was conceived a day Kan and its destiny is ruled by a day Imox. This person will be like the seed dropped on the land of Mother Nature, it will multiply.
      It is the day of the students, readers and seekers, searchers. They have knowledge about the body signs. They reach the goals they set to themselves and they receive spiritual messages. Deep thinkers and philosophers.
      They are protectors of the family, generous with their parents, lucky and loved among their family to which they insure offspring. They are good farmers ; they respect plants and beings of other species.
      They need lots of understanding ; they have the tendency to marriage problems, can be imbalanced with their family members. Their life can tend to be unbalanced, with moments of pain and sadness, poverty.

      The Mayan Cross of the AJ

           KEJ AJ KAWOQ


      The person born a day Aj is conceived a day Kan and his/her destiny is ruled by Imox. Meant to represent the authority and all through his/her life he/she is an expert in this field.

      The energy of its conception, Kan, brings it an extra strength, everlasting : its energy is very strong as far as what is desired or rejected is concerned. The self discipline is its best ally to channel its energy. An eternal quest of knowledge.

      The Kej, at its right side, gives it inspiration and imagination ; it gives sensitivity of the art, especially music and painting.

      The Kawoq, at its left side, influences the planning in "big" of the quest for all of the common and collective well-being and social justice.

      Its sign for its destiny, Imox, generates the realization of unusual and extraordinary experiences which makes its life richer and more interesting. Imox gives a special interest and focus on mysticism. Non conformist as far as the established patterns and structures are concerned.